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SafeRacks Storage Solutions

gray garage shelf with bins and coolers

Should You Use DIY Garage Storage?

Making the most out of that space is not going to be easy. Which is why a lot of people use DIY garage storage. But is it a good option?

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person loading an overhead storage rack

Saving Space in Your Home Vertically

Overhead storage racks are the perfect way to reduce clutter in your home, business, or garage. Find out how to make them work for you!
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"SafeRacks Is Everything Its Claimed It Is..."

"SafeRacks Is Everything Its Claimed It Is..."

SafeRacks - a genuine, authentic, and honest corporation that cares about its customers and the people that work for them.
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overhead garage storage rack

Organizing Tips for Your Garage and Home With SafeRacks - D.A.D.

While it may not be for flip flops, a little planning and organizing for spring cleaning can help you get ready for warm weather and an organized house.
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wood vs steel

Is It a Good Idea to Go With Wood or Steel Overhead Garage Storage?

Most people use steel overhead garage storage, but is wood a good option?
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overhead rack main features

How I Saved my Garage From my Daughter

Recently, my daughter came home from college and moved back in with the family for the summer. I decided to buy the 4x8 two rack package!
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installation tools

Get Your Racks Installed Today

If you already own racks and would like to get them installed. We have installers who are ready to help. You can locate an installer by simply typing in your zip code.
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person organizing clutter in boxes

Easy Garage Organization In 7 Steps

The most dreaded project that many homeowners face is garage organization. Learn how to get organized in 7 easy steps!
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garage setting with cabinets and car

Don't Let Your Garage Go To Waste

Everything that you haven't used in the past year and don't intend to use in the near future, is likely to be just a waste of storage space. Here are a few things that you may have overlooked while cleaning, but have got to go.
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Clutter Video Tip: Best Quick Fix for Organizing Your Garage

A recent video review was done for SafeRacks by Lorie from Clutter Diet. This is the perfect explanation and example that one can give without actually going into your home and showing you first hand. We hope you enjoy the video!

Let Spring Cleaning Begin!

Clutter Video Tip: Best Quick Fix for Organizing Your Garage

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car underneath garage storage racks

Benefits of Parking Inside an Organized Garage

If you want to keep your car safe and without any scratches, you need the right garage organization.
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overhead rack with boxes

Are Bike Storage Racks Suitable for Your Garage?

If you're a bike owner yet you also have a car, it can be hard to store both of them in your garage. But with the right garage organization ideas, you will have no problem getting the results you expect.
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