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overhead rack main features

SafeRacks Advantage: Overhead Racks That Are Built To Last

Up to 600lb capacity, limited lifetime warranty, 14 gauge steel, and powder coated finish.
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What Are the Benefits of Overhead Garage Storage?

What Are the Benefits of Overhead Garage Storage?

What Are the Benefits of Overhead Garage Storage? The benefits of SafeRacks overhead garage storage are numerous. Free up valuable garage space, enjoy a larger storage footprint, and more!
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overhead rack with bins and coolers

Types of Overhead Garage Storage

Customizable heights, three shelf depths, eleven sizes, several accessory types, and four main ways to use overhead garage storage!
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overhead rack with boxes, coolers and bicycles

The Easiest Way to Add Extra Space In Your Home

25% of people who have a garage for two cars cannot even fit one car in there. Additionally, 32% of people who have two car garages can only fit one car in there.
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mother on the phone and kids eating

The Busy Mom's Guide to Getting Organized‚ and Staying that Way

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can be organized enough with the right game plan.
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leafs against a clear sky

How to Transform any Yard or Porch into Your Own Private Park

With the right seating options, your porch, deck, yard or other swath of outdoor space can function as anything you want it to be.
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covid 19 virus

SafeRacks' Response to Covid-19

The new sprayable, quick-drying sanitizer product is made with an 80% ethanol alcohol formulation recommended by the World Health Organization.
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car parked outside garage full of cutter

Conquer Garage Clutter This Weekend

Have you ever just wanted to organize your entire garage so that it can be efficient and easy-to-use? Use the following tips and tricks to conquer clutter in your garage in just one weekend!
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person carrying boxes

Breaking the Habits of Garage Clutter and Chaos

We all hate having lots of clutter and chaos in our garage. It's a really good idea to opt for DIY garage store or some garage organization shelves.
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person surrounded by cardboard boxes

Ways to Overcome a Packed Garage

A packed garage is always a bit challenging to organize and manage. That's why it's a very good idea to find some ways to store your items adequately and without problems.
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gray garage shelf with bins and coolers

Should You Use DIY Garage Storage?

Making the most out of that space is not going to be easy. Which is why a lot of people use DIY garage storage. But is it a good option?

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person loading an overhead storage rack

Saving Space in Your Home Vertically

Overhead storage racks are the perfect way to reduce clutter in your home, business, or garage. Find out how to make them work for you!
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