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overhead rack with boxes, coolers and bicycles

The Easiest Way to Add Extra Space In Your Home

It might be surprising to know that 25% of people who have a garage for two cars cannot even fit one car in there.
  • Additionally, 32% of people who have two car garages can only fit one car in there.
  • Yet, 82% of people said a garage was important for them when buying a home.

You might be wondering whether this makes any sense or not. Why would people say garages are important and then not even use them for their cars? The simple answer is that the clutter just builds up so much. Most garages do not come with well thought out storage space and when people move into a new home they just need a space to unpack. The clutter ends up staying, like an uninvited guest!

Have you ever wanted a way to reduce the clutter in your garage? Have you ever wanted a way to use the vertical space not just in your garage, but all over your home in efficient ways?  With SafeRacks this is possible.

Where Can You Find Vertical Space in Your Home

The garages, basements and attics are all good candidates for fitting out with overhead garage racks and a variety of hooks to create more vertical space. In the garage, take a look above the garage door, above where the car is parked and above the furniture (such as workbenches) that you might have installed there. Often you will see that there is plenty of unused space in these places. It can be extremely easy to install storage racks or a safety net in any of these locations to put your garden furniture when you are not using it, to store your barbecue and other equipment you do not use all year round and generally to organize all of the things that homeowners need to keep in an easy to reach place in their garages. Basements are often equipped with wood furnaces for heating and storage racks can be an elegant way to store your firewood instead of in a pile on the floor (which is unsafe as well and can pose a fire hazard). Attics can be used for general storage as well for old items of sentimental value that you do not necessarily want to throw out but will not be looking at more than a couple of times a year. If you live in the country and keep animals, then you can also use overhead storage racks effectively for storing milk, eggs, vegetables and all of your produce. If you have a greenhouse, they can be used to store a huge variety of plants as well.

Hooks and Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment, ladders, swimming pool equipment, hoses and other garden tools often end up in piles all over one side of the garage or dropped on top of each other. Studies have shown that you are far less likely to ride your bike if it is in a pile of clutter on one side of your garage, than if it is hanging neatly on a pair of hooks on one wall. In fact, we are far more likely to make use of things that we know where to locate. What better way to keep track of all your things and keep cultivating your hobbies and interests than to organize them all well under your overhead racks? You can either install your hooks on the walls of the space you have selected to use or you can have them installed on the bottom of the storage racks. Either way they will be able to hold a lot of items. To organize hoses and electrical cables you can also use utility hooks. Skis and ski poles and sporting gear in general will always find a good home on these hooks as well. There are deck hooks, rail hooks and utility hooks available. There are many very clever ways to organize the vertical space in your home and you do not necessarily have to stop at the garage! Bathrooms, living areas, basements, attics and kitchens are all good places to use the vertical space. In many European style apartments with high ceilings, you can also experiment with a loft as well as storage space that is high up.