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Greater lifetime value

SafeRacks floor tiles are 3 times more affordable than epoxy. Best of all, you can keep your investment and take your tiles with you wherever you go.

Easy installation and removal

Install in 3 hours not 3 days. The interlocking mechanism makes installation a breeze. Plus, easily remove, replace or swap tiles when it's time for a new floor design.

Heavy-Duty Champion

Tough enough to withstand heavy blows and impacts without cracking or breaking. Unlike epoxy floors, SafeRacks floor tiles will not bubble, chip or fade.

Easy maintenance

SafeRacks floor tiles are easy to keep clean and maintain throughout the years. Use a broom, leaf blower, or shop vac to remove unwanted debris.

Corrosion and chemical resistant

Made of durable polyurethane plastic, the SafeRacks floor tiles will not corrode or deteriorate over time. They are durable enough to resist damage from oils and chemicals.

Suitable for any environment

The SafeRacks floor tiles are slip resistant and feature an innovative design that prevents puddling. They are a great solution for any wet or dry environment.