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Organizing Tips for Your Garage and Home With SafeRacks - D.A.D.

Spring is finally around the corner and not a distant memory, while it may not be time to break out the flip flops, a little planning and organizing for spring cleaning can help you get ready for warm weather and an organized house.

If you are like my family and 60% of other American families who own garages, that is the one room you leave as well as enter your home several times a day. The garage is one of the largest rooms in your house and one of the most abused.

After the winter of the Polar Vortex our garage barely has room for our cars. We have a two car garage and in order to pull both cars in you have to do the sideways walk with your breath held to make it down the alley between the car and the junk.

We have shovels, snow blower, bikes, tools, more bikes, holiday decorations, storage boxes, strollers and a bevy of other stuff filling the garage from floor to ceiling.

I spent the winter looking into sheds, so we could move a majority of our stuff into the shed and get our garage back. Here's the thing about sheds: they are expensive, ranging between $750-$10,000, in many cases you need a permit, they take up a part of your yard, they eventually get old and weathered and if it's a winter like this year, they can be snowed in and useless to you.

That's when I turned to SafeRacks and The Garage Store to help me with my storage woes. SafeRacks are more than your run of the mill garage shelves, they are state of the art monsters that are built to take a beating, hold a ton and last a very long time.

The best thing about SafeRacks is they don't take up additional space, they make new space for you, where there once was none.

If you look up in your garage, you will most likely see your garage door opener, a few lights and that's it. What the folks from The Garage Store and SafeRacks see is an opportunity to organize your garage, making it a place you can get in and out of, while at the same time store your stuff.

We had two SafeRacks installed by The Garage Store for less than the cost of the cheapest rubber shed on the market. These are custom fit for your space and built to take whatever you throw at them. Each shelf holds up to 600 pounds, is made of 14 and 16 gauge industrial grade steel, are attached with multiple ceiling connections at each vertical support for added strength, is powder coated white for added protection and has a limited lifetime product warranty.

I had been kicking around the idea of making my own wood overhead shelves but when you compare the quality of the SafeRacks to wood or a store bought shelf there is no contest. The margin for error is the production and installation of the SafeRacks is pretty slim. That and the installation was fast and perfect. The guys from the Garage Store showed up, took about 15-20 minutes to review my needs and garage dimensions, from there they got to work, cutting, measuring, bolting and securing the racks to the ceiling and wall so tight and strong I could hang from them.

Could I have installed them myself, sure it's an option, but it took them two hours for two shelves, where it would have taken be about five times that and I am estimating a good amount of Advil after. They show up with the right tools, cutters, portable heaters and know how to find studs, joists and get those shelves up fast.

The garage is the ugly duckling of the house. We throw stuff in it, leave it dirty, and use it as a storage locker. By organizing my garage and installing SafeRacks, not only was I able to organize my garage, but my house. I added so much space I was able to get the boxes of stuff that have been filling up my closets and basement floor and put them in my new storage space.

Now we are not only ready for Spring, our bikes are all hanging from hooks, our boxes neatly organized and not only do our cars fit, we have room to walk on the sides and the front of them! Our SafeRacks keep our stuff inside the garage out of the elements and out of the way.

- D.A.D. - Dad All Day