Rack Accessories

SafeRacks™ overhead garage shelving is available in 11 sizes with customized heights that can be adjusted to fit ANY space in your garage.

Not sure exactly what you need?
No problem. Our sales team can help talk through options with you on the phone. Once our installers arrive at your house, they will walk through your order and offer suggestions before they begin installing your products. If you would like to make a change, installers carry additional sizes and quantities so they can make adjustments while they are at your house. You can always change your order as you will not be charged until the products are either installed, delivered or shipped.

You can buy overhead racks and accessories online and install them yourself. If you would like help installing your racks, you can find an authorized distributor in your area by using our SafeRacks dealer locator tool.

"I was paying over $100/month for an offsite storage facility until I purchased SafeRacks. Now I have everything within reach and more money in my pocket."