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Every John Doe regards his garage as his fiefdom. This is his very own man cave where he can keep many things aside from his car. Also, a garage can have great value for the entire family. For instance, some people organize family gatherings in their garage. Since every garage can have several functions, garage owners need to be careful when it comes to its organization. That’s why we’ve decided to put together several do’s and don’ts that will help people arrange their garages properly.

Going for concrete flooring

Even though you won’t live in your garage, it’s important to properly insulate the flooring for several reasons. For starters, most present-day garages are detached to houses. If your garage leaks heat, it will reduce the energy efficiency in the entire house. What’s more, it’s uncomfortable to enter a chilly garage on a cold winter morning. So, insulating your garage flooring with plywood and rigid foam is a great alternative to a sheer concrete floor in your garage. It will increase the energy efficiency of your entire home, plus it will make your garage a pleasant place throughout the year.

Neglecting the safety measures

While your garage isn’t the integral part of your home, it still demands utmost caution. Some thieves don’t hesitate to steal a car from an open garage. For instance, a family from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin fell victim of such a car theft in 2017. The thieves literally stole their car while the family was having dinner. What’s more, this isn’t a unique case. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your garage from the safety point of view. For starters, never leave the car keys in the car. Even if you protect the garage from thieves, they might get into it through your house. Apart from that, you might want to install a small camera above the garage door. Placing a motion sensor light outside your garage is another handy thing to do. Finally, you can install an alarm on your garage door, as well as on the door between your garage and your house. Every John Doe regards his garage as his fiefdom. This is his very own man cave where he can keep many things aside from his car. Also, a garage can have great value for the entire family. For instance, some people organize family gatherings in their garage. Since every garage can have several functions, garage owners need to be careful when it comes to its organization. That’s why we’ve decided to put together several do’s and don’ts that will help people arrange their garages properly.

Leaving the garage door uninsulated

Let’s stay in the energy efficiency area a bit longer. One of the softest spots of every garage is the garage door. If you don’t insulate it, the heat will leak through them. Apart from that, the noise from the outside will easily go through the door. That way, you might even hear it inside your house. That’s why it’s important to perform both thermal and acoustic insulation of your garage door. That way, you’ll ensure that your garage remains a silent, cozy place all year long.

Storing clothes and books in the garage

Many people fall into the trap of turning their garage into a general storage space. Boxes with clothes and children’s toys, old magazines, books, cutlery, and many other things end up in the corners of the garage. As a result, such garages lose their initial purpose, so people often can’t even park their cars inside them. Leaving your car in front of the garage may damage its appearance. Also, it increases the risk of having your car stolen. Therefore, partners should reach an agreement that they won’t use their garage as their spare storage space. For instance, you can create a list of the items that can be stored in the garage, like tools and some household appliances. All other things should be stored in other parts of your home.

Leaving clutter things on the walls

Even if you define what items you can store in your garage, it’s important to keep them in order. Many people just keep filling boxes and drawers in the garage with various things, without arranging them. If you do that, you’ll always be frustrated because you won’t be able to find those items when you need them. What’s more, clutter in the garage can generate some additional stress, as well. That’s why it’s important to de-clutter the garage and organize things in a better way. Instead of that, think about grouping your garage items. For instance, you can install several racks on the walls and place the tools on them. One rack can hold your hammers, pliers, and wrenches. You can use another rack to store different cables, wires, and cords. What’s more, you can use drawers to keep your nuts and bolts in one place. Once you’ve grouped your garage items, the entire place will look better.


If you have a house with a garage, it would be a shame not to maintain this place properly. Therefore, insulate the flooring and the door so that you increase the energy efficiency of the entire house. Moreover, don’t turn your garage into a general store and organize all the items neatly. Finally, make sure to introduce proper security measures to keep the garage and your home theft-proof. We hope that our tips will help you arrange your garage safely and securely.

Guest written by Ran Keller

Ran Keller is an experienced handyman who’s been working for Elite Garage Door Of Tacoma for 10 years. When he’s not fixing garage doors, he likes to share his repairment ideas and knowledge with others. 

Giving your garage a makeover and making it look better might seem hard, but it all comes down to finding a system that works for you. Ideally you want to start with garage organization in a simple way and then move on from there.

Customize the garage storage
What we found very good is to eliminate clutter via customizing your garage. Put in garage shelves and use all kinds of garage ideas and tools to make this work the way you want. You are in control, you can customize everything, all you need is to adapt it to your own requirements and you will be good to go.

We found that customizing garage storage is all about what you need. Some people choose to add the washing machine or store their repair tools in there. It all comes down to finding a purpose for your garage. And then you add in garage organizer storage to see what’s better and what works more for you.

Use a custom floor
We noticed that regular garage floors can be problematic for some people as they are easy to break or stain and you end up ignoring the issue and clutter up stuff. Custom flooring is an investment, and if you make that investment you will surely be a lot more careful with the way you spend your money. Which is good because it makes you care more about this kind of stuff, so use it wisely.

Sort and remove stuff
Of course, you can’t deal with clutter without removing it. What you want to do is to sort and remove stuff if you can. That will help immensely and it will bring in front resounding benefits all the time. This is not going to be easy, so take your time and see the purpose of each item. If you don’t need it, sell it and keep only the stuff you really want.

We recommend you to opt for some of the best garage ideas and even use DIY garage storage options if needed. It all comes down to customizing the process and making it worth it in a proper manner. You will like how great the results are if you commit to delivering the best value. Yes it’s always challenging to get garage organizer storage right, but with some experimentation you will find the best outcome!

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Although a lot of people own a garage, not all of them actually store their car inside. Which is strange, because this is the main reason why you want to have a garage in the first place. But it’s interesting to see how everyone uses their garage. Most people that don’t keep the car inside their garage use it for storage. There are lots of benefits that come from keeping the car in your garage, and here are some of the main ones.

Protecting your vehicle
The obvious benefit is that you keep your vehicle safe. There’s always going to be some sort of issue if you keep your car outside, be it rain, unlawful people attacking it and so on. Which is why keeping the car in your garage is the best thing you can do. It helps protect your investment and you keep your vehicle secure at all costs. You can easily deal with all kinds of issues and that’s why it makes sense to keep the vehicle inside just to avoid any hassle.

It’s very convenient
You just enter the garage, park your vehicle and you are good to go. It totally helps you avoid any issues and at the same time you have all the comfort and convenience you want. It’s a great option for sure, and you should make the most out of it if possible.

Protection against the elements
If you leave your car in the driveway that will put it right in the range of all kinds of problems. The elements are a huge issue, because high temperatures will destroy your vehicle’s paint. Constant water damage can also be problematic. And then you have all kinds of wear and tear that appears from keeping the vehicle outside this way.

What you want to do is to put your vehicle inside and make sure that it doesn’t get any damage regardless of the situation. Even if things might seem simple at first, they won’t always be like that. Sure, it’s ok to leave the car on the driveway for a few hours. But this is not the best way to store your vehicle. Take your time, figure out how to keep your vehicle safe and also use garage organizer storage to remove clutter from your garage. You can still use DIY garage storage and garage shelving to store items while also keeping your car safe inside the garage!

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Garage organization might feel like a chore at first, but it’s not. It all comes down to finding ways to make this simple and convenient. And if you do it right, the payoff alone can be nothing short of amazing. The idea is to know what you are getting into and actively find a way to eliminate the hassle. Of course there are tricky moments when it comes to cleaning your garage, but these DIY garage storage and garage organization tips will help a lot.

Install garage shelving
That might not sound like a lot, but it should. The primary focus for you has to be on quality, attention to detail and on having plenty of space to store items. Thankfully with help from garage shelves you can store more stuff and that alone makes a major difference. Go with the higher quality stuff just to be safe, but rest assured that it will be worth the effort.

Donate or sell the items you’re not using
What you can do as a garage organizer here is to create a pile of stuff that you’re not using. Put it everything in a single place, then decide whether you are actually using all this stuff or not. You will notice most stuff remains unused. Sell, donate it or throw in the junk. This will help you keep the garage clean.

Install garage organization store on the walls and ceiling
There are lots of amazing home office ideas you can use to sit in the garage and work there. And in order to do that you can go with garage shelving and opt for the best value and quality. It will totally be worth it, so consider that and you will enjoy it.

Repair any broken parts of your garage
Of course there are moments when some of the stuff in your garage can be broken. Ideally you want to eliminate all the broken stuff and remove it naturally. You will notice that it will help a lot and it will surely deliver the quality and benefits you need without a problem. Just check that out and you will enjoy it quite a bit. It’s definitely one of the better options on the market, we guarantee that!

As you can see, keeping a clean garage is all about knowing what to do and how to tackle all of this in a proper manner. Of course there are always challenges to deal with, but if you are committed and focused on value nothing will stand in your way!

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Clutter can be very problematic for your mind. When you don’t really have a goal and an organized mindset, things can easily go off the rails. It can obviously be a problem, so the best thing that you can do is to understand what clutter does to your mind and then eliminate it naturally and with great success every time.

You lack the focus you need
The main issue with clutter is that it ends up destroying your focus. It will end up stopping you in front of your goals and that can become an issue all the time. Which is why you need to check it out, give it a try and see how it works for yourself. The more you try to handle this correctly, the better it will be. And you have to be committed to the best results, as it will totally be worth it.

More stress
If you have clutter, you have stress. Things are as simple as that. If you want to remove stress from your life, then you have to use garage organization and home organization ideas. Organize your home, keep everything in place and you will definitely have less stress.

It leads to procrastination
Another problem is that you do have procrastination problems if you have lots of clutter. This will end up making you less focused on growth and value, not to mention results as a whole will not be as good for you. Which is why you want to deal with this properly. Removing it in a proper manner might not feel simple, and in some ways it isn’t. But if you do it right, the payoff can be extraordinary.

This leads to obesity
People that are organized are also rather thin, because they love to move around, organize and work out. Unfortunately if you have lots of clutter it shows that you like procrastination. And that’s bad, because it will end up affecting your health in ways you would not imagine. You really need to think this through and tackle it correctly.

One thing is certain, clutter is bad for your mind. And that’s why you need to eliminate it from your life right now. Use garage shelving, create an organized home office and go from there. Start off small, and you can make it big in the end. All you need is focus and commitment to the idea!

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Garage trends are always changing every year. The challenge here is that you either go with these trends and focus on growth, or you just try to find some creative options and bring in an amazing set of opportunities to the table all the time. Here you have some important garage trends to use this year.

1. Charging stations are getting more and more relevant for garages. Since the government is offering rebates for electric vehicles, it makes sense to focus on using this type of solution at home. But you do need proper garage storage and garage organization to ensure you have enough space for this.

2. Smart garage tech is not the future, it’s already here and you should use it. You can automate and track things like lighting, moisture, gas detection, fire alarms and so on.

3. Energy efficiency is very important. Creating a garage focused on energy efficiency is crucial. And it will work great. But again, you do need to offer the best garage organization and support there.

4. Old school, retro styles are coming back. This means you can still go with your DIY garage storage as long as it fits the retro vibe, but the potential is indeed great.

5. Custom garage doors are very popular and the reason for that is everyone tends to have different needs and requirements. If you really want to push things to the next level, you can create a custom garage door, and it will look as well as feel amazing all the time.
As long as you have the right garage organization you can add many systems in your garage. You just need to have the right amount of focus and commitment, then it will be fine. Yes, there will always be challenges along the way, but with the right approach and a great focus on results you will be fine. Do that and the payoff can be huge!

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Creating a good home office is all about opting for something cool, enticing and just super friendly. It’s not easy to achieve that most of the time, but the best thing you can do is to find creative ways to eliminate clutter. Using things like garage cabinets and garage organization ideas might help you with that in no time.

1. Browse Pinterest. That website is full of office decoration and organization ideas. You can even have a garage office. Use some garage organizer storage and other things like that, it will end up being masterful and downright amazing every time.

2. Focus on ergonomics if possible. If you want to have a great office, then it has to bring in comfort. Put the shelves and cabinets within your reach. And try to use ergonomic furniture if possible.

3. Natural light really matters here and that’s why you have to make sure that you always bring in as much light as possible within your office. It will make it look great without any major downsides.

4. Harness all the possible storage space you can have. Garage shelves and any other option that gives you more storage space will always pay off.

5. Add greenery. Plants give a sense of space and value. They also make your office look cool and comfy, and that’s exactly what you want to think about. The more you focus on quality and a great set of visuals, the better it will end up being in the end.

As you can see, creating a home office is all about comfort and value. Pick the best garage organizer ideas, take your time and it will be worth it. The more you focus on creating a wonderful office, the easier it will be to get used to it and you will enjoy it even more as time goes by.

Some garage upgrades have the potential to increase the value of your home. With the right garage organization and some cool garage ideas you can really take things to the next level. It’s a good idea to focus on creativity and you will be just fine.

Install a garage door
A good garage door brings in a whole lot more value and quality. It encourages you to protect your garage’s interior. That means you can add in some garage storage and store some stuff there without having to worry about problems in the long haul.

Use garage shelving
Shelves will help you get even more garage storage space. You can also add in some garage cabinets as they will make things even easier and better to store right away. The faster you do that, the better the results will be, so take your time and focus on results, you will be very happy with how it works.

Install proper lighting
You can have some great garage organization storage, but you also require proper lighting. Thankfully a good lighting system in your garage will be very convenient and it will work super well. That’s why we recommend you to create a great lighting system, as it will make it easy to access any space within your garage.

Add a floor finish that’s easy to clean
Most of the time cleaning up a garage can end up being quite the hassle. What you want to do here is to insert a floor finish that’s super easy to clean. Once you do that, your focus will be on keeping everything organized. That’s because cleaning will be a blast.
In the end, garage upgrades don’t have to be very challenging or complex. You just want to have something that’s very comfortable and which delivers a great sense of quality. Once you have it, things will end up being better and you will enjoy the process more than ever before. You will surely appreciate it!

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When you think about proper garage ideas and garage shelves, it’s important to understand how garages have evolved as time went by. It’s also a good idea to understand how garages came to be and how everything adds together in a great manner. With that in mind, here’s a list with some interesting garage stats that you certainly want to know.

1. 55% of Americans spend around 1-2 hours in their garage every week to do their hobbies and complete various projects.

2. Some companies like Google, Amazon, Disney, Apple and Amazon were started in a garage.

3. The average garage door will open and close anywhere from 3-5 times every day.

4. Disorganization in a garage is what causes 80% of the garage clutter most of the time, it’s not the lack of garage storage or garage shelves.

5. 25% of people with 2 car garages are not parking their vehicles inside at all.

6. 74% of the homeowners state that parking is the most important function for their garage.

7. 24% of the homeowners are actually embarrassed to leave the garage door open. That’s because many of them don’t have any garage storage or a proper garage organization system.

8. 55% use the garage as the main entryway in their home. They just prefer to get out of the car and enter their home this way, as it’s faster and more convenient.

9. Garages rank higher as a storage space when compared to basements or attics. Obviously they are easier and faster to access, and that really matters.

10. 9% of US residents rent storage space even if 65% of the homeowners have a garage.

It’s important to have garage storage to put stuff that you don’t need or use very often. That being said, finding the best garage organizer storage is extremely important, and with the right approach it might very well be worth it.

The air quality is very important for your garage. A lot of people spend an hour or two in their garage completing various tasks every week. Sometimes they do that on a daily basis if they need to. Which is why making sure that you improve the air quality is a priority. Here you have a few steps to make that happen!

1. Keep the garage door open for 10-20 minutes or more. Maybe even for the entire duration of your stay in the garage. Doing this will bring in a lot of fresh air and that’s exactly what you want to focus on in a situation like this. Try to make sure that you improve the air quality in a proper manner, and this will surely help.

2. Stop smoking in your garage. Some people do this when they complete various tasks and it’s unhealthy, not to mention hazardous.
Remove all the garbage and declutter. This will end up polluting the air in your garage and it will be problematic to do that. Take your time and once you do so results can be more than ok all the time.

3. Clean the garage often. Use garage organization shelves to store items and any other garage storage tools at your disposal.

4. Stop using chemicals for cleaning. Chemicals will pollute the air instead of keeping it clean, so using natural cleaning products is a much better option. Try to use that to your advantage and it will be worth the effort.

Every small change you make can do wonders. And if you follow these ideas you will have no problem boosting the air quality the right way. You just have to find the right way to approach this and ensure that you always check the air quality to avoid problems.